I have always loved to travel. I become my favorite version of myself when I’m somewhere away from home. Our planet is insanely beautiful, with an unfathomable number of destinations, cultures, traditions, and languages to share. How could one not be inspired to see it all for themselves? Why not seek something incredible to help you grow? Curiosity and excitement always get the best of me, and I strive to keep myself open to new experiences, varying my ways of viewing and thinking about the world. I love meeting people along my travels – swapping stories, exploring together, suggesting next moves. It’s the perfect combination of human connection and terrain exploration. Travel motivates me. I know this feeling isn’t unique to me. I love that I can share this passion with others.

Before a trip, I dive headfirst into researching where it is I am going. I want to find the “must do” experiences, the little recommendations you find deep in others’ postings, the not-so-touristy-can’t-miss places. Many travel bloggers that I follow post these photographs of gorgeous scenes and tell you where the picture was taken, but not what it took to get there. These crucial details – how they arrived, what they did, where they ate and stayed, what pre-planning was necessary, arrangements made – always seem to be missing. It makes planning a trip on your own overwhelming.

I’m setting out to change that. I am starting this travel blog to provide you with more than just pretty pictures to inspire your next trip. I want to share itineraries, tips, recommendations, and recounts of my personal experiences to make your next adventure one to always remember! I want to make accessible and realistic travel plans available to my readers. This means less research to be done by you – and more enjoyment to be had on your trip. I am want to take all of the research out of trip planning by doing it for you, so you can just enjoy the weekend getaway, anniversary trip, or solo travel without the hassle of preparing for it.

I wish you all safe travels – and that ‘I can’t believe this is real, this exists’ feeling you only get when you find yourself somewhere new.

More about me  –

Name Ani Maria
Age 30 (February 7)
Pet Kato, my Siberian husky, is 6 (October 20)
Favorite experiences Safari in Murchison Falls NP, Uganda; Hot Air Balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey; Hiking in Torres del Paine NP, Chile
Missing Continents Australia and Antartica 
Bucket List Countries South Africa, Tanzania, Jordan, Argentina

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